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Wow and Starcraft

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  Starcraft is successful in Korea because there is a huge audience that understands the underlying mechanics, even CS matches do not look all that amazing unless you really understand what each team is trying to accomplish beyond the head shots. I doubt anyone who never played those games before would watch a tournament video then get his own copy to try it out. In fact, their player base is only getting smaller over time, while wow gold continues to grow despite horrific market efforts for its tournaments. I personally find WOW matches to be more exciting to watch than any game of recent memory. The Blizzard regionals when TSG went up against Azaels rogue/lock/shaman got my adrenaline going the entire time. I am sure Blizzard got way more viewers for their wow gold streams than WC3/SC streams, they will not let silly personal biases get in the way of revenue, and neither should ESL about wow gold. He got hacked recently with a denial of service attack and you may not be able to access his page right now. You can still find him on every social network. He reminds me of Chong Li from Bloodsport, but has an Alexa ranking of 7900, and despite some unpleasant confrontations with Google, pulls down $40000 a month from ad revenue. He started with nothing in 2005, charges $1000 a month for a 468x60 rotating banner today, and has a top 2000 book on Amazon. What are his secrets about wow gold? He put up one at least one blog everyday since 2005, that is 365 articles a year on "make money online". Search for "make money online" on google and he pops up on the first page. The hokage went through the same thing in building WOM, although even I had to rely on other writers about wow gold.


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