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Wow Transportation

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  In world of warcraft, there are two types of transportation available to you: public and private modes of transportation. Public transport includes flight paths, boats, zeppelins, portals, transaction orbs, and trams. Private transportation is made up of a few more options including mounts, heart stones, teleportation, portals, summoning and druid travel forms. Walking from one place to another is the most basic mode of transportation, but obviously the most time-consuming. Public transportation in wow is broken up into several basic modes: flights, boats and zeppelins, portals and translocation orbs, and the deep run tram linking stormwind and ironforge. To be able to fly in wow, you must explore the world and find flight paths. To do this, you must find the flight master at new cities in new areas. To get around between the continents the two factions have different methods of transport. The Alliance makes use of boats while the Horde makes use of Zeppelins. The Alliance can travel between the ports at Darkshore, Theramore Island, Menethil Harbor and Azuremyst Isle. The Horde has Zeppelin ports and can travel between: Undercity, Grom'Gol and Orgrimmar. There are two classes in world of warcraft that gain travel forms. This is the ability to shape shift into a form that allows easier and faster movement from one place to another. Shamans gain the ability to transform themselves into ghost wolves at level 20. This gives a traveling speed of 150% of their normal speed. Druids gain a travel form at level 30 that also provides a 150% traveling speed.


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