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WoW Macros for Spells and Abilities

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  The command for using a spell or ability in a macro is cast. The cast command covers all wow gold player-usable abilities, including effects that are considered abilities instead of spells, such as Mortal Strike, Backstab, and Battle Shout. It also covers racial abilities, such as Shadowmeld, Will of the Forsaken, and Escape Artist. The cast command in macros can combine multiple abilities and spell casts into a single macro, subject to a few restrictions. Because of the underlying game mechanics that govern the use of these spells and abilities, a straightforward listing of cast commands will often not work. Spells with casting times can not simply be chained one after the other with cast, and many instant-cast spells are affected by the global cooldown. The way these instant spells can be chained in macros will change in patch 2.3, but this issue's importance warrants covering how consecutive spellcasts function before that change. Without the stopcasting command, spamming the Divine Shield button during another spells' cast time would result in the error message another action is in progress with wow gold.


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