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WOW GOLD-the European Brackets Look Pretty

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  The European brackets look pretty fierce to get cheap wow gold. Although Group A is predicted to be dominated by Nihilum, Group B seems like the Nightmare difficulty group, with at least four top and proven LAN teams all competing in the same group and even the remaining teams run very strong comps with great success online about cheap wow gold. With Season 5 almost guaranteed to end with the release of patch 3.1 or not too long after (due to a new tier of gear being released thereby trivializing s5 gear), most battle groups are seeing total hunter dominance in most brackets due to how overpowered Survival currently is. In a recent statement from Ghostcrawler to get cheap wow gold, he was quoted saying: "Aside from the random stun of TNT and a couple of the bugs mentioned, we do not think hunters are grossly imbalanced in PvP at the moment about cheap wow gold. Explosive Shot might be a bit too high, but we are not nerfing it for the moment. We will see how things feel once some of the changes to other classes are in place." Hey Greg, no offense, but almost anyone that has gotten their "Step into the Arena" achievement knows how broken SV hunters are right now. In fact, almost every single comp outside of PMR for the arena tournament will most likely include a SV hunter if they want to succeed, true story. On a more serious note, though, there are a few things that are quite simply too good with hunters right now and if I was asked what the minimum amount of changes needed to balance hunters right now, I would probably say: with pushback and interrupts for casting while being meleed or hit by ranged attacks, while Hunters only really suffer pushback on Volley and Steady Shot to get cheap wow gold.  


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