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Uses of the Basic Macro in WoW

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  Do you know what functions do macros have in wow? Yes, they can use and equip wow items, casting spells and abilities, smart targeting, and improving communications. You will have an array of shiny new macros. wow items are used in macros with the use command. No more fumbling around in your bags to find that particular trinket you need to equip, or that consumable you do not have on your action bar, especially when the pressure of time is on. The use bag slot command lets you use an item in a specific bag slot. Each bag in your bottom right bag bar has a numerical value from 0 to 4, starting with your backpack and proceeding to the left. When you type two numbers separately by spaces, the macro assumes that you are referencing a bag slot rather than a last slot in that bag. Macros can equip particular wow items by name, and equip them to particularly inventory slots when needed. The equip command specifies a particular inventory slot to equip an item to.


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