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Three Ways to Return to the Living World in WoW

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  What happens when player characters die? They will become ghosts. When a player dies, he or she will be promoted with a dialogue box to "release spirit". By pressing this button, the player will be instantly transported to the nearest graveyard as a ghost. On death, all equipped items will lose 10% durability. Here three ways of returning to the living world will be introduced. One way is to simply push the button and you will be back in business. Returning to the immediate vicinity of your corpse will cause a window to appear with the option to come back life. Secondly, certain classes can resurrect you with a spell. Shamans and Warlocks have spells to resurrect themselves, and Warlocks can even grant others this ability temporarily with a Soulstone. Moreover, an engineer can sue Goblin Jumper Cables to attempt a resurrection. You can be resurrected by these means even after you have released your spirit. Finally, talking to a spirit healer located at every graveyard can resurrect yourself immediately at the spirit healer’s location. If you choose to do this, all your items will lose 25% durability. Unlike a normal resurrection, this durability loss influences both your equipped items as well as those in your invention. Furthermore, you will gain a temporary condition known as resurrection sickness, which drastically reduces your stats. The above described are the three ways of returning to the living world, bear it in mind and you can be resurrected.


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