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Three Steps in Having the Most Fun in World of Warcraft

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  Many players were very frustrated when they had no fun and just paid a subscription fee to Blizzard just to play the game. Usually it took much time for a new player to figure out how to complete each quest and reach the higher level; they have to earn a ton of gold to gear up their characters. Here we will show you how to level your character quickly and easily even if you have only started to play wow today. Just spare a few minutes to brief it. The first step is to level your character from level 1to 80. Every player has to start at level 1 with their brand new account. The biggest obstacle right now is how to level your character to the maximum level of 80 which can actually take you months. In this stage, you do not need gold to buy things, because your gear will continuously be replaced with higher level gear which will be given to you through questing alone. The second step is to fund your character's gold. Once you have reached your maximum level, you will need gold, and lots of it which is required to tune your character finely to get the best gear possible so that you can conquer the dungeons and dominate in PVP and also level your profession. The third step is to dominate other players in PVP. If you can dominate the opposite faction in battlegrounds, arena or even while you are questing, you can enjoy a great fun. You may think it is early to learn about PVP server, because you can be sure that there will be a lot of players that will try to ruin your day while you are questing.


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