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The Life as a Ghost in WoW

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  The world is a little different while in ghost form. Here we summarized the differences to put it here for you to refer to. Firstly the world will appear in black and white to a ghost, ghosts are ethereal in appearance. Night Elf ghosts actually wisps, one of the night elf racial bonuses. Wisps move faster than normal ghosts. Secondly, ghosts are unable to interact with most things in the world; they can either see or be seen by living players and most creatures, except those that are in the immediate area surrounding their corpses. However, ghosts can see other ghosts, including spirit healers who can only be seen in ghost form. Thirdly, ghosts run faster than their living counterparts which make it easier to return to where they died. They can also levitate over water. If players die in ghost form, they will be transported back to the original graveyard at which they appeared. Finally, when a player dies in an instance and then returns to life by zoning in as a ghost or by using the spirit healer, the body in the instance turns to bones; and when a ghost player is resurrected into an instance that has become full, they get ported to be closest graveyard instead of appearing in the instance. And if you release your body while you are in an instance you will not get credit for any skills or loot while you are a ghost.  


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