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Team Rating and Arena Points

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  The Arena system is designed to primarily reward competitiveness and player skill, and this is reflected in the way team ratings, arena points, and arena rewards tie into each other. Each team has a rating. This rating reflects how well your team is doing in the arena system. Arena rewards including epic weapons and armor sets are exceptionally useful for PvP combat, as they are loaded with PvP-centric stats such as Resilience and Stamina. These WOW Items are purchased with arena points, the currency of the Arena System. There are seasonal rewards in the arena. At the beginning of every arena season, an all-new set of arena rewards that are slightly more powerful than those of previous season. For example, at the start of Arena Season 2, new arena season 2 rewards became available for purchase from the arena vendors. The newest season of wow items can only be purchased if you meet the requirement with your three or five-player team rating. Rating requirements from two-player teams can still be used to purchase the previous season of gear.


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