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RIFT is Totally Worth Playing

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  With the releasing of RIFT of telara, there's more and more rumors about this game. Is RIFT really capable of dragging WoW down from Most doubt if it would be such a great success as world of warcarft or is it truly worth playing. So many trash talk about it, some even question is that game truly worth buying RIFT Gold with real money? Yes, it is worth playing. RIft: Planes of Telara takes the most basic form of the MMORPG, the "wow-clone" if you want to call it that way and pushes the boundaries so far out that the game ceases to be just a "WoW Clone" and becomes something entirely unique. A guy at beta 1's chat said it most clearly - "If WoW is EQ version 3.0 then Rift is EQ version 5.0". Yes the basic gameplay is like any other MMO that there is on the market and yet it offers better combat experience than any other. It offers more character customization than anything else and it offers a world that feels more alive than that of any other MMO. Everyone has different point of view. We should let the rift player make the decision whether or not to prepare RIFT Online Gold. There were some complains that the game is boring. Well, I suppose it could be if you play it like it is a chore for the sole purpose of reviewing it but there is actually plenty to go around in this game. The game is full of content and achievers, crafters, explorers and PvPers all have their own place in the world of Telara. Rift offers a variety of playstyles tied up to the different souls some of which are rather unique. Everyone has different point of view. We should let the rift player make the decision whether or not to prepare RIFT Online Gold. You have DPS healers, you have skill-play characters that require you to cast spells and abilities in a certain way to maximize their efficiency, there are also the crowd controllers, the different support characters including the stat-stealing party-buffing masochist that is the Archon, there are plenty of pet, stealth and tank classes and although there are lots of them they still feel different – the five different tank souls offer completely different approach to tanking and one of them is actually a rogue soul.


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