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How to prevent WOW or account from hacking?

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  How to prevent WOW or account from hacking?
1.Put up an authenticator(This works the most)
Don't be too lazy to finish this part, this is the most important step. Maybe you need few bulks to buy the authenticator, but listen to me that worth a lot. You start from buy game key, then purchase wow time for your account etc, it's much worth instead of losing account.As I know,many people don't really like to use it. This seems too much annoying compared with type in account name and password directly, this is exact correct. However, if you don't wanna hackers login your account damn easy like you do every time, just buy one and bound it with your account. I have a friend who seems never likely to do this, so once his account was hacked, and he told me he was mad while sending me a picture which is his world of warcraft login interface with all characters. I saw the picture and it's really fun.Guess what? There's a chain a words combined with character names "accdeleted" "studywell" "soyoucando" "likemein" "thefuture" "hackingoth" "ersaccount". So my idea is make sure your wow account or account bound with an authenticator. Your lazy will let you lost your wow gold, wow boe items, bop items, etc.

2.Never use your game password same as your email.
An idiot hacker even knows try your email password when he hacked into your wow account. It's really not fun to let hackers login your email, the rest issue will be more smooth for hacking. So don't use same password for your email and world of warcraft or account.
3.Do not use game password same as your online social communities,like facebook, twitter.
Because blizzard authentications is sent by email forms, so hackers are able to get a lot of benefits for their hacking from your facebook or email. For example, game key information and your security questions like" My graduated school name?" and other questions may able to get answer from email box.
4.Use simple password for forums you often like to login, like wowhead,mmochampions
Try to use simple password for these forums you often use, like wowhead, mmochampions instead of any password that may possibly has relationship with your private information. As an investigation, hackers usually hack into many websites, forums, once database information got leak out,your game password will possibly sold to account hackers, then your account will be in danger. Don't think that is impossible for hackers who are never able to hack into big websites, anything is possible, so be careful about this point. This helps.
5.Don't be fish
Fishing is also one of the main methods of account hacking. They will send you a fake email which seems sent by blizzard official side, using attractive"activity" to let you click their website, like beta test, rare mounts, blizzcon ticket, etc. In a word, never trust whoever the email you received from, forwarded by your friends, sender named"noreplay@blizzard" or "admin@blizzard", either, especially those let you type account and password. Anyhow, this is very stupid, but still a large amount of people dreaming about his/her good luck. Otherwise,Blizzard''s activities will be published on their official site.
Another way to figure out fishing email is use fake information back to hackers. If got an email like i said just now, and goes to login interface, just use random email address, random password. Be careful, if this is a fishing email, it still let you go next step for security question, use random answer also. It will goes through and return you nothing useful. So obviously, it's a fishing email. Your random info goes to hackers. Lol
I have ever heard of that people around complained about account hacking for buy cheap wow gold, this is not true. Gold sellers are sellers, not same as hackers.
Well, blizzard is keep fighting with hackers, it is just you might didn't notice. For example, the locking for different IP login. When login your account on a IP different from your original IP, your account will possibly get locked, and you'll receive an email from blizzard, only can be used when you change your password.
Finally, i want to remind your guys again, stop complaining and bound authenticator for your account. It will reduce 99% possibilities of bing hacked. Authenticator is also able to be attacked,but it is very hard, and almost impossible.
I hope these tips will help your guys. Thank you.


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