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How to improve my WOW gear very fast?

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  How to improve my WOW gear very fast?
World of warcraft has been developed for 7 years, a classic online MMO roleplaying video game. Many players come and left, but still a large amount of players still stay with WOW for 7 years, they love this game. I was start to play this game since 5 years ago and now im become old. Since the realease of  many other games,like Rift, star wars of old republic, but still some new fresh guys enter wow and fall in love with this game. How a improve WOW gears has been a problem facing noobs. For fast improve, there're two methods for solo improving. Buy WOW Items 
and keep farming random dungeons.
To know what's this game really like and how it feels, you need to level a character complete by yourself completely for at least one class. My friend character is a mage, it's not so easy to play as it is now. But it still very fun, i get to know how to run dungeons, how to fight, how to PVP. However, gradually, i figured that my gears has been a very limited cuz i dont have too much time spent on this game, not everyday. So when im back everytime, i found other ppl beyond me very  fast and kill my character damn easy. The problem of my gear, im sure. So i decided to improve my items. I found there's a kinda of item called BOE items, bound when equiped, it wont get soulbound before equiped. So i try to get a lot of WOW boe items to change my gear, this is damn fast and i was very happy to get improved so fast. Although, BOE Items can not give you the best kinda of gear, but it's can be a good bridge for u to get improved and easy for gaming. If your gears too much worse when you just hit lvl80 or 85. Mostly, ppl will think you were not fighting cuz of your poor damages and possibly a kick will fall on you, that's much confusing  and rude. So you need basic gear to keep moving. You can get WOW Boe items from blacksmith, tailor,crafting guys and even
get BOE mounts. Some of these items even worth for transmorge in the future, double benefit. If you dont have enough gold, just go to buy gold store to buy some cheap WOW gold, no need to farming gold yourself, too much time-wasting. The WOW gold is very cheap now,10000 gold only need 9.88 USD according the price of So
The second way to get improved fast is by farming random dungeons or battlegrounds. It depends on your direction in the future, PVE or PVP. If you like to do PVE, you can farm random dungeons and you'll get nice drops and quick improve and some BOE items for gold which depends on your luck. If you'd prefer do PVP, you can just keep farming battlegrounds, when you get enough honor points, you're able to exchange it to get PVP gears. After you get a decent armor, you can try to do arenas, it's much more fun and exciting. Enjoying the feel of kill other characters is pretty good. lol :P 
The new expanision, Mist of pandaria will come soon, maybe few months, this is an edition with much oriental culture in it, so it could be more fun. Hope more fresh guys come to WOW, enjoy the game and love the game.
This is my little guide for fresh guys coming or thinking of playing. Thanks


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