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How to get the new RAF mount Heart of the Nightwing online?

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  Blizzard has updated the NEW RAF system,After your referred account accept your RAF invitation and pay for 3months game time, you can select a mount from 8 different wow mounts and pet rewards—including the brand-new Emerald Hippogryph—and enjoy leveling benefits all the way to level 85.
Heart of the nightwing is a very cool mount, it also turned to the mount, and you are able to carry another player on your back. You can convince a friend to play, so you can recruit him/her. (PS: please ignore the out-dated info below, read about the NEW RAF system info please click here)
HOW TO SEND An INVITATION to Recruit a Friend:
First Step:Please login your account, when you logged in, you should be at the summary interface.So now first choose your game account. Mostly it is "World of warcraft®cataclysm".

Second Step: you'll see the "Referral & Rewards"

Third Step :
plz click on "Referral & Rewards" and then choose "Recruit a Friend"
Fourth Step:
When you clicked on "Recruit a Friend", you need to fill a short form of invited person's name and Email address. Our customer manager will send you a certain "Name" & "Email Address" to your email.

After you sent the invitation, we'll let you get the mount within 5-10mins. So how to pick up the mount? You need to relogin your account and come to "Recruit a Friend" then click "History or Status",you'll find your mount right there. Click on "
Heart of the nightwing"to grab it and distribute it to any of your characters in this acht there. Click on "Heart of the nightwing"to grab it and distribute it to any of your characters in this account.count.
Am I able t
o buy Heart of the Nightwing of 2 or 3 quantity?
You can check the " history or status" to check how many times you still able to recruit a friend,maximum is 20 times. So it's available for over 2 or 3 heart of the nightwing.


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