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How to get WOW gold?

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  How to get WOW gold?
World of warcraft has been released for almost 7 years, it attracted billions of players enter the virtual world for their adventure. This game is popular from all range of ages, the youngest can be 5 or 6years old young boys & girls, the oldest can be 70,80 years gold old men and women.

I have been engaged in this game for about 6 years. The first time I'm enter the game, I fall in love with it and I started my career here for 6years,from the burning cruade, wratch of lich king, cataclysm, to now mist of pandaria.
Okay, let's get this over and transfer to my topic today, how to get cheap WOW gold? First, for these who just enter this gaming world, I strongly recommend to do all the things by himself or herself. Cuz for new guys, all the things is new, and you never know what it tastes like if you don't try it. For example, when I first keep farming a dungeon, I think it's pretty fun and never anything else could beyond. 5 people get together, 1 tank, 1 healer and 3dps, everything is fun for me, never tired of it, even got wiped. But how to get wow gold? Wow gold is like the currency, we used in real life, someone hate it, but they can't leave it. When you farming the dungeon, you'll get green or blue even epic wow BOE items, you can sell it for a very good price in the auction house. You can also use it yourself if you can use it.

You can also make a nice amount of wow gold by your professions, like blacksmith,tailoring, enchanting. However, you need a lot of gold or mats to level these professions, but you'll get a good turn of wow gold. You can farm the mats when you start leveling your character and mats will not be a big problem. If you wanna find a easy to make money, that's to learn mining and herb. You don't need use gold or mats for leveling, you can got leveled when you keep doing it. You can sell the items in the auction house and earn a nice mount of gold, especial some rare stones.
For old players, it's very easy to get wow gold, i think. But now the gold are also very easy to get used up. So I think some of them still need wow gold. So the best way to get WOW gold is to buy wow gold from wow gold stores. Very easy to get wow gold and it's very cheap. Hehe. Just don't go to buy some very cheap price gold that too much lower than the market price. You can go and have a look at my article of how to buy world of warcraft gold.


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