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How to buy fast and cheap World of warcraft gold and items?

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  How to buy fast and cheap World of warcraft gold and items?
With the developing of MMO games, there's a third industry grow with it fast, that's the gaming support websites or companies. Most of the buy gold stores we knew are from China, a small amount of stores are from America or Canada. If you google "buy wow gold" , you'll see millions of websites which offer game gold, powerleveling service, wow boe items,etc. These game gold stores not only offer WOW gold,but also other game gold, like rift gold, swtor credits, Diablo III gold. so for our gold buyer, we want to buy fast and cheap wow gold and items.

You may wonder why so many WOW gold stores? will you get banned by wow gold buying? Obviously, where there's demand, there's a supply. Many players need gold, not everybody good at farming gold and have so much time wasting on farming WOW gold. We need wow gold to level our character and professions leveling. Some professions like jewelry crafting,blacksmith,enchanting, engineering, tailoring need a large amount of gold to get fast leveling. We also need wow gold to buy boe items from auction house, so we can change and improve our armory for better playing. You can also make a lot of gold when you get full lvled, like blacksmith,enchant, etc. It is true not all the players need to buy wow gold, some of players are professional at making gold. Otherwise, there's a large part of players need gold. Blizzard allow gold buying in some extent,they only ban character which received hacked gold, this is why your account get suspended after you buying gold. The reason is you got hacked gold, same thing will happen when you trade gold from other normal players in game. So buy wow gold won't get your account banned. Another event may possibly get your account banned, that is get reported by other players. To be silent when you buy gold, don't talk about gold and items buying in game. Never trust these gold websites who seems never tired of spamming, and don't trust these websites sell gold with crazy cheap price, it will simply get your account suspended, cuz they'll trade you hacked gold, these websites are very small working offices, they're not going to do a forever business,just make money, fast money and quit. So it is not recommend to use these websites.

How to figure the gold market price? You can simply check the price of This website offer wow gold buying guide and their price is normal, if price of other website too high or too low, it may not good to go. This is a website you can buy wow mounts and fairly price of wow gold. You can also check other websites, check as many websites as you can, cuz some websites has crazy high price for wow gold and items. As we mentioned before, don't trust google too much. When you type in buy cheap wow gold, it wont give you these websites which offer really cheap prices but websites with very high price instead. This is why you always still get high price. These websites just did optimization, they need money to pay this, so this money is originally from your pocket. So Check more websites, you can ignore these websites offer crazy high price. When you find a fair price gold website, try to check if the website is trustable. Some websites is roughly built, don't trust them.When you finished the order from gold stores, what do we need to pay attention. First, when doing trade, give some junk items to them, that's make it more like a real trade action. Second, don't talk anything about wow gold buying with them, some of them may want to sell more gold to you, dont talk in game,maybe on skype, yahoo is more safe. Third, NEVER trade back your gold when somebody asking gold back. It happened some randoms guys asking you gold back saying they trade incorrect amount gold, this is a fraud. Just ignore them. It's not your fault even it's the gold store guys trade you wrong amount of gold. So just relax and thank god for giving your good luck.


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