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How to buy World of warcraft gold?

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  As we know there are millions of gold store that have wow gold for sale all over the world, some are very famous buy gold store, like ige, wowgoldspace,susanexpress,g4p etc. These buy gold store has dedicated in game gold for over 6 years, offer best wow gold, they don't scam wow players, cuz they're big companies, it does not worth to scam some small portions of buyers to build their reputation. So these gold stores are trustable, but prices are always different .They have hundreds of other websites also to support their main sites, but the prices are different even they're from one company.
So my suggestion is to check gold websites as many as you can to get a cheaper website. You need to click and close websites your own to check prices, don't imagine the google browser will serve you a real cheaper website when you type in"buy cheapest wow gold", this does not work. Because these buy gold store will optimize "buy cheapest wow gold" to get their website ranked in the first page when you type in corresponding keywords while they're offer a higher prices to pay their optimization fees. And most of these website offer discount coupons, and they did works better than no. More free gold or cheaper price. My investigation is most of the website offer more free gold by coupon, but they seldomly cut their price with coupon. Here I have a website offer a price discount off coupon, that's, the coupon is "WGS", you'll get 15% discount off  price. This is the official coupon, they don't post it to common coupon websites or send to customers by mail. I have a old friend working in the company, so he gave me the coupon. I tried it many times, it always works and I'm happy with price cutting other more free gold, cuz sometimes i don't really care that more free gold, i care about my money, didn't you?
When we input "buy wow gold" or "buy cheap wow gold" in some main steam search engine, like google, yahoo, bing, we'll get a result.

They are all over millions of buy gold store, that's to say there're now many wow gold stores in the world. And it's not hard to figure that they don't only offer wow gold, but all of the other games, like Swtor credits, AION, rift gold, guildwars, darkfall etc.
Now you may wonder how does this happen? Is it safe or will blizzard catch me? Let me tell you steps by steps how to buy best wow gold.
First, choose a best buy gold store with real cheapest price as i have mentions at the beginning. When you enter the wow gold store, choose your server, put in your character name(an alt character name suggested, they wont able to bother your main all the time, isn't it? :P), then choose the quantity you need, don't forget to put in the coupon code, when you paid it, just waiting for it, they'll deliver it in game. They'll pst you and invite you in a group, get it and fly to him/her, click trade when he gives you the right quantity of wow gold you ordered. It's easy, right? Here's a screenshot of wow gold trade(character name protected:P ).

Blizzard wont find it, cuz there's no proof they can get for this, why they ban or suspended your account? They won't. Blizzard can accept players to buy wow gold or buy wow items in some extent. Because they know some leasure players need gold or leveling or for other purposes. Only one situation you may possibly get your account banned or suspended, what is it? That's ILLEGAL wow gold, illegal wow gold also named"hacked gold", this kinda of gold is absolutely illegal, cuz the gold is stolen from other players, blizzard will decidedly stop it to keep a good wow trade environment. So plz go to good websites, so you wont get hacked gold. Good luck guys, enjoy your gaming time.:)


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