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How to buy Wooly White Rhino with paypal?

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  How to buy Wooly White Rhino with paypal? This is a Trading Card Game item, obtained by the Wooly White Rhino card in the expansion "Icecrown."  You can get it by a TCG card or in game through auction house. Mostly, we just get cheap wow gold from buy gold store instead of grinding on collecting gold. After you get the gold, you can go directly to buy it from auction house on your server. However, this is one of the rare mounts, very easy to get even you have billions of gold. Maybe you'll proposal to transfer it from other servers. But you know how much this process will take. That's a lot of money, and you wont have gold on the server which have Wooly White Rhino.
According the searching result of Online auction house, we can see the price and amount that being sold on auction house. Today is Jun 1st,2012, 8am, the amount of Wooly White Rhino on WOW US market is 6 on alliance side, 7 on horde side,highest price is 300k wow gold, cheapest one is 198K WOW Gold.  In WOW EU market, amount of alliance side is 10, horde side is 8, higest price is 440K WOW gold, cheapest price is 240K wow gold. We can obviously figure out the price on EU market are much higher than US market.

So my idea is to go to WOW Mounts store to grab one. Easy, fast and safe. You just need pay a small amount of USD money and your items will be arrived by face to face trade or in game mail system. It's totally easy and fast. Most WOW BOE items stores are accepting payment by paypal. So it's very safe for payment too. If they dont trade you the item,you can apply a dispute on paypal and ask your money back. But as i know most famous website have very good refund policy, if they dont have the item and you dont like to wait, then you can just go to livechat for help and get a direct  full refund. So buy  Wooly White Rhino with paypal is a good way to get this rare mount.

 Wooly White Rhino is a ground mount, it looks like rhinoceros, very cute mount and worth to grab one.
This mount will run out of print till the next explansion, so don't be hesitate to get one as you like.



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