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Dofus Strength Skills Guide

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  No logic at all in the answer so quickly given. You assume all calsses are perfectly balanced and only sacriers are stronger than everyone else - where do you find 11 level nails nonsense from? If you are honest with yourself you will admit that the fact is Dofus is not perfectly balanced and thus why PvP cannot be a fair for all game.  
Did you not notice that the Dofus community at large is not really interested in dofus kamas the PvP ideal Ankama is flushing down our throats? These adjustments are uncalled for when only in the interest of the minority who actually want to PvP. A novel idea, why not have a different set of rules for PvP and create a PvP island - like an arena. Restrictions can be in place and here the balancing act can be cheap dofus kamas experimented upon rather than affect the PvM aspect as well.
That's the point. The author was a 158 Agi/Wis Xelor, and, to be honest, he dis-agree with you using one as an example. Yes, they can hit three times with 9 ap for acheter dofus kamas pretty good damage. They do not have 1k+ hp higher than everyone else, however. You wouldn't like it if someone screamed "Nerf Sacs" now, would you? He already know that they nerf'd Sacs so you don't need to state the obvious. He are merely trying to point out.
Class A says nerf Class B. Class B says no don't nerf Class B, because it's their class.
It's easy to play the "Nerf This Class" game as long as it isn't your class that isn't the one getting said it needs the nerf.


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