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Buy Cheap X-53 Touring Rocket,X-53 Touring Rocket Online

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  Buy Cheap X-53 Touring Rocket, Get X-53 Touring Rocket Fast Online

X-53 Touring Rocket is two people mount, it is obtainable by Recruit-A-Friend program, you'll need to have a friend to be recruited or make an new account and charge it with 2 months wow game time which will take much more money and take a long time. However, now you can buy cheap X-53 Touring Rocket from wowgoldspace items store. We sell it only for 29 USD, very cheap price, and we'll trade you the item within 10-20mins. So it's faster and cheaper.
X-53 Touring Rocket is a multi-seat flying mount, it looks similar to X-51 Nether-Rocket and X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME, but much cheaper price than this two rocket mounts. It is worth $29 to get a two people vehicle, nice wow boe mount and cheap price. You can take a no riding skill passengers, anyone can get on the rocket, regardless of the riding skills and also no levels limited for passengers, so you can take ur friends on, even he is a level 1 character. You can ride on it anywhere in Azrath now, ride it in battlegrounds, ride in arena, anywhere and all the time.

Here also I want to point out that, we also use Recruit-A-Friend system to get this mount, so do not suppose to get one in game by using
cheap wow gold or from WOW auction house.You can always control the passenger seat, the "Vehicle Seat Indicator" allow you to kick a passenger off your seat as you desired.The mount's flying speed escalates with the maximum speed your current Riding Skill allows, and the fastest mount you have at that moment. And yes, this means that you may obtain the Rocket with maximum speed at 100%, and once you train your Riding Skill, its speed will increase to 280% or even better, will escalate to 310% speed as soon as you obtain the 310% Riding Skill! affected by Crusader Aura and thus becoming an extremely fast mount. It can also be affected by talents that may increase Mounted Speed. Note: Only the Rider can influence the mount's speed, depending on buffs, items or talents by himself or other partners.The rocket mount's size different according to different races, like orc or tauren. If the owner of the Rocket is a Shadowformed Priest, the passenger will be on a purple demon phantom rocket.
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