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Buy Cheap Vial of the Sands, Buy Sandstone Drake Online

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  Buy Cheap Vial of the Sands, Buy Sandstone Drake Online The vial of the sands is a mount item, which will let you to transform into a sandstone drake. This is a WOW Boe mount, a very cool flying mount. While in flight, you can carry another friend on your back, just like the Mekgineer's chopper/Mechano-hog, a vehicle. The different is you're the alive vehicle. So how to buy cheap vial of the sands?
As we know most of the servers has this mount, but not all of the servers do. So it is possible that we need to buy a cheap vial of the sands online. Vial of the sands is about 40K gold now and varies according to different server. offer the cheapest price to buy Sandstone drake online so far. This is a nice flying mount and you can pick up another friend together with you for dating. That's really wonderful. This mount looks great, much better than other mounts which you need to take a lot of to farm them.
This is mount is learned from recipe of vial of sands, which only found in Canopic Jars, gathered from Archaeology, it reburies Pyruim-laced Crystalline Vial, Sands of Time(8 pieces), Truegold(12 pieces), Flask of the Winds(8 Pieces), Flask of Titanic Strength (8 Pieces), Deepstone Oil(8 pieces). Obviously, these mats will take thousands of wow gold. But now you can buy this mount online. It  does worth for a try. We will do the fast delivery within 3 to 5 hours. You can easy to find this mount in our item list, simply make your order and wait for the delivery. You can choose online trade or just by mail. Items is safe for mailing, so we allowed to mail to customers. If you don't have time to get online for face to face trade, you can just make a note or tell our live-chat you'd prefer a mail delivery, that's no problem.
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